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Clara D'Tapiero

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Clara’s Gelatin Art is a new and innovative dessert business created by gelatin artist Clara D’Tapiero. Located in Charlotte, NC we specialize in gelatin products like gelatin art, gelatin desserts, gummies, marshmallows, cupcakes (decorated with gelatin art, gummies or marshmallows) and classes. All our desserts are newly developed products and designed for people that are looking for something new and innovative to compliment the menu for their parties, corporate events, weddings, dinners, or for your special someone.

Clara D'Tapiero


I want to express with my gelatin creations the beauty and love; I want to stimulate your senses with my work, work that you can see, touch, smell and eat”

Born and raised in Cali, Colombia, Clara D’Tapiero had spent her early years learning culinary and artistic bakery with her family. Ever since her earliest days, she was fascinated by the art, specially the culinary art.

Clara studied Business Administration in ICESI University in her native country. In addition to that, she has completed several certifications is business topics. However, she couldn’t escape her real passion of exploring the culinary world. She has completed several nutrition and culinary courses, from bakery decoration to food safety classes. For the last ten years, she has made cakes and desserts for her closest friends and family as a hobby.

A few years ago, she discovered the “Artistic Gelatin” technique and she was fascinated by it. As a self taught person with a “can-do attitude”, Clara has mastered this art, creating her own pieces and techniques sharing her unique designs with others.

Her work has been featured in renowned art museums in the Charlotte area such as “The Mint Museum of Art” and “The Levine Museum of South Charlotte”, among others.

Clara is determined to continue pursuing this passion, exploring different ways to create art using gelatin and by sharing her work with the community at large.

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